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Black Hearts, Gold Warriors



BLACK HEARTS, GOLD WARRIORS is a tale of the hunter and the hunted. It is the second of my adventure books and historical fiction adventure novels, with an elaborate plot, that begins at the close of WW2 in Vietnam, climaxing in the Southern Philippines in the early 21st century. This an epic story of one man’s journey to rebuild his shattered life, always just one step ahead of his tormentor. And of his adversary, an evil man who will do anything to have the temple treasures looted from across the ancient Nan Hai trading route. Into this cauldron of loss, desperation and conflict are woven layers of romantic tension and archaeological mysteries, in the midst of exotic sensory, cultural and travel locales of  South East Asia. 

360 pages, ISBN 978-0-9895141-0-1, published by N.K.Richards, November 2013.   Distributed as ebook 2018.

Gold of the Generals



Gold of the Generals is the first of my adventure books and pans across the Pacific, from the exotic Philippine Islands to the paradise of the New Guinea Islands. 

Murder, greed, natural disasters, romance and adventure, are soaked in layers of Pacific war-time history, Spanish colonization of Manila and the mania of treasure hunting. Lurking always, a treacherous underworld tycoon, who will stop at nothing to have the Gold of the Generals. 

Released March 2019

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