my mission


Hi and welcome.  My name is Nic (Nicholas ) Richards and  I work in and write for the agri-food sector.

I support product and service promotion, knowledge and skills development and communications on:

  • Food Production farmers, farming systems, market systems, value chains, commodities, home gardens
  • Food Businesses agri business, processing, input supply, manufacturers
  • Food Loss and Waste food supply chains, cold chains, food safety and food security. 

about me


I work, I love food, and I am passionate about agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and livestock. I have lived across Asia and the Pacific Island since I was a kid.

how I can help you


  • Professional Agronomist and Horticulturist
  • Market systems, agribusiness and value chains growth
  • E books and technical guides: writing, some layout and graphics, editing, formatting, publishing
  • Web page design and improvement: content, layout, keywords, SEO , google analytics
  • Communications plans for development (C4D)
  • Newsletters : design, content, layout
  • Presentations: design, graphics, content
  • Meetings ,workshops, conferences, group facilitation: design and delivery
  • Success Stories to inform and inspire
  • Training Programs:  Modules, Materials and Aids, manuals and guide- books
  • Training Planning, Design, Delivery, Review and assessment
  • Extension materials: Checkbooks, fact sheets, posters, info graphics
  • Extension, Social Outreach and Communications
  • Creative writing and editing: novels, short stories, reviewing, editing, publishing for retail outlets

Contact me:

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